10 Positive Affirmations

1. I am happy.
Life is not easy. There are things in my day to day life that evoke negative emotions. If I allow the negativity to take over, it has the potential to destroy my mind. To combat negativity, I try to think of one happy thought every day. One happy thought can turn my whole mood around and lead me into a positive direction.

2. I am healthy.
Being healthy is important to me. I want to live a healthy lifestyle mentally and physically. I value working out, eating right, and getting a good night’s sleep. These things have increased the quality of my life and made me a more positive person.

3. I am secure.
I consider myself to be a very secure person. I do have some insecurities but they do not get in my way of me reaching my full potential. Being secure is a rare quality in today’s society. I find this quality of mine to be very profound.

4. I am worthy.
This is my favorite affirmation because it shows that despite all of the struggles that I have had to go through, I am still worthy. My feelings are still valid. My struggles are still real. I am still a human being.

5. I am blessed.
When I think about my life as a whole, I realize that I have had a lot of good things. I have done a lot of things. I have accomplished many goals. I have had many fun adventures. I have been to a lot of places. I am very blessed.

6. I am grateful.
I am grateful to have a roof over my head. I am grateful for my loving family and good friends. I am grateful that I am healthy. I am grateful for my past education. I am grateful to be alive.

7. I am beautiful.
Not to brag but I am beautiful. It seems like whenever a girl expresses a likeness to her looks, people say she is being vein. I think she is loving herself. Loving yourself is the key to a happy, successful life.

8. I am confident.
I am confident that good things will come my way. I am confident enough to do the things I want to do even if I am doing it alone. I am confident enough to be my true self.

9. I am courageous.
I face the things that scare me head on. I push for what I want without fear of judgement or backlash. I do the things any other 23-year-old would do while facing the stigma that surrounds my disability.

10. I am positive.
The last affirmation circles back to the title of this piece. Positivity attracts positivity. If you have a positive mindset, good things will come your way.