The Voodoo Coloring Book

Disclaimer: This is my draft for a picture book. I really liked this idea for a picture book because it is very creative with a element of horror in it. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures because I suck at drawing but I am willing to share my draft with you guys. Hope you guys like it.

It was a sunny day at Montgomery elementary school and Timmy could not wait to start kindergarten.

When he arrived at his classroom, he darted towards his desk, ripped open his red backpack and started coloring in his brand new coloring book.

He scribbled all different colors on every picture in the book. He colored the sky pink with green clouds, the dogs purple, the ocean black, and the beachfront red.

Timmy made sure his pictures were colored with the colors the object was not supposed to be.

The pictures ended up looking great but what happened next was not so great.

The next morning, Timmy woke up to the neighbors shrieking.

He opened his window and the sky was bright pink with green clouds. He ran outside. The houses were rainbow colored and every dog was purple.

This looked familiar to Timmy. Maybe he was dreaming and this would all go away. All of the sudden, he saw his neighbors running the other direction.

He turned around as a black wave crashed onto the red sand then a light bulb went off in his head. He colored those items in those exact colors in his coloring book yesterday.

“The coloring book is magic,” he whispered to himself.

He had to find that coloring book and reverse the spell.

Problem was he did not know where the coloring book was. He searched the whole house but it was nowhere to be found.

He looked in the kitchen, both bathrooms, and his bedroom still no coloring book. He tore up the house only to find his coloring book in-between the kitchen floor boards.

How did it get there? He thought. But Timmy had no time to wonder.

He grabbed the book and the eraser that came with it, and erased every bit of color in the book.

As he was erasing, the sky turned blue with white clouds, the ocean was blue again, the sand turned tan and the houses and dogs went back to their original color. Timmy saved the day!

The next morning, Timmy and his mother went back to the store to return the coloring book.

Another little boy was begging his mom for a new coloring book but his mom kept denying him.

Timmy took out his coloring book and gave it to the boy.

“You can have my coloring book!” said Timmy.

“Thank you” said the little boy.

“You’re welcome! Be creative! There is so much waiting in store!” said Timmy.

“Don’t worry! I will!” said the little boy.

Timmy and his mom left the store satisfied that another person will get to experience the same creative adventure that Timmy embarked on.

The end!